Building Emotional and Active Resilience in SchoolChildren

to provide a significant catalyst for youth development and leadership training within communities.

The BEARS programme is designed to help Build Emotional and Active Resilience in School children. Each session encourages personal development and mutual understanding during what can be a key transitional stage for children at Key stage 2.
What happens at BEARS?
Fundamental skills are developed through participating in a range of activities such as caving, climbing, paddling and low ropes courses, woven together though an intriguing adventure narrative.
What we Learn
The BEARS programme encourages pupils to find the fun and adventure in learning outside of the classroom. Pupils will understand more effective communication (including non-verbal) and realise how to recognise and face their fears. Each of the young learners on this programme will learn how to problem solve and work more constructively both as an individual and as a team.
What are the benefits of BEARS?
This will impact positively upon pupils’ ability to develop coping techniques and manage their feelings and emotions for personal well-being and growth.

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