Explore Hidden Depths
with BAC

Find your Giant Adventure in the heart of Belfast.

Our artificial cave, the largest in Ireland is completely unique to BAC. You won’t find another one identical anywhere in the world. With its three sizeable caverns, two rivers, a waterfall and over 200 meters of twisting passageways, you will have an absolute adventure crawling, abseiling, climbing and even swimming your way through this hidden treasure.

Our cave is complete with stalactites, stalagmites, boulder chokes, cave paintings and fossils, all realistically placed to mirror a natural caving experience. This fun, safe and totally unique activity is sure to keep everyone captivated and wanting to visit again to take your experience to the next level within the cave.
Why Book Caving?

Caving is an excellent activity for a full session on its own or to pair with another activity. Each caving session is specifically adapted and delivered to suit the needs of the individuals or group. It is a fantastic activity for team building sessions, multi-activity adventure schemes, birthday parties, training or even just a really good fun day out with family or friends.

Personal Development

Throughout our caving sessions, we ensure that our participants are gaining a knowledge of how caving systems work and the fascinating features within them. In addition to gaining a heightened knowledge of such an incredible part of our eco-system, caving also offers an environment for working on personal and social skills. Every participant will have the opportunity to develop their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, deepen their interpersonal skills and learn to trust their fellow cavers. The activity by its very nature will encourage everyone to step outside of their comfort zone and push their boundaries and confidence in unknown environments to thrive in a safe and controlled environment.


The BAC team has extensive training in working with individuals and groups with disabilities. Our caving session scan be adapted to suit people with learning and sensory disabilities and parts of the cave are suitable for people with a physical disability. If you would like to enquire about a session, please get in touch and we can work with you to design a caving session suitable to your needs.


All BAC caving instructors have been rigorously trained in safely navigating and leading groups within the group. Although the cave is very realistic, it is a man-made and controlled environment with many hidden exit points to ensure that at all times, participants are very safe.


The minimum age for caving is 8 years old. 


It is no problem to bring a camera into the cave, so long as everyone in your group is happy to be in photographs. Please do bear in mind that you will be climbing over rock faces and therefore there is a likelihood that your phone or camera will be damaged. If you would like to have photographs within the cave, please let the instructor know before you enter the cave, and they will discuss options with you for carrying a camera.

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