Youth Build

The BAC Youth Build Initiative has evolved over more than 10 years

to provide a significant catalyst for youth development and leadership training within communities.

Initially rolled out across the Greater Shankill, Youth Build now operates across 5 neighbourhood renewal areas within North Belfast.

Youth Build is focused upon the Department for Communities Strategic Themes of Community Renewal and Social Renewal.

Youth Build

Youth Build delivers personal and social development for young people from socially and economically disadvantaged communities along-side leadership training to support community capacity building.

Youth Build has developed collaborative partnerships, networks and relationships that have enabled the project to deliver significant and measurable impacts. The initiative has to date provided opportunities to over 10,000 young people and has delivered skills development training to over 600 youth and community based leaders and volunteers from more than 200 groups.

A major catalyst for action and change across North Belfast, Youth Build is firmly rooted and positioned to provide a continuing integral role towards Community and Social Renewal within the neighbourhood renewal areas of:

  • Greater Shankill
  • Crumlin
  • Ardoyne
  • Cliftonville
  • Old Park
  • New Lodge
  • Mount Vernon
  • Carrickhill
  • Ballysillian
  • Upper Ardoyne
  • Legoniel
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Youth Build

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