Can your pupils stop an
international conspiracy

To poison the world's water supply?

BAC, in partnership with Northern Ireland Water as well as the PSNI Wildlife and Crime Scene Investigations teams has developed a unique programme to support your pupils cross curricular, thematic learning.

Adventure Investigators is suitable for P6 through to Year 8 and delivered over 6 half day activity sessions.

What happens at AI?
The young investigators will follow a series of clues through a range of challenging environments to foil a conspiracy and save the world’s water supply. In a unique collision between technology and the outdoors, this programme encourages ICT skills as well as canoeing, climbing, caving, bushcraft and navigation skills.
What we Learn
Through this active learning programme, pupils will increase their depth of knowledge of science, nature and the world around them. They learn about the natural environment, wildlife protection laws, the principles of ‘Leave No Trace’ and the key Northern Ireland based organisations that protect the environment.

Knowledge is solidified throughout the programme with dynamic quizzes and research that touch on DNA, the human body, our water supply and our local wildlife and habitats.
What are the benefits of AI?
This fun simulation allows your pupils to challenge their imagination, develop their analytical skills and communicate effectively to succeed as a team. AI encourages pupils to care for the wild and their communities leading to positive attitudes to learning inside and outside the classroom and a healthy respect for our natural environment.

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