Charity Programmes

BAC has developed strong and meaningful partnerships

with other charities, government departments and funding bodies to deliver short and longer term programmes to children, young people and young adults.

Through this generous support, we work hard to expand our social impact, increasing access for individuals and building sustainable capacity within the local communities where we work.

We support our clients and partners to develop their knowledge and skills, building confidence and setting them on pathways towards making real and lasting differences.

Youth Build

The BAC Youth Build Initiative has evolved over more than 10 years to provide a significant catalyst for youth development and leadership training within communities. Initially rolled out across the Greater Shankill, Youth Build now operates across 5 neighbourhood renewal areas within North Belfast. Youth Build is focused upon the Department for Communities Strategic Themes of Community Renewal and Social Renewal.


BAC provide expert training and support to young people with a disability through the medium of outdoor adventure learning. BAC’s Adventure Learning Park and boathouse are accessible for wheelchair users and the BAC Accessibility team are highly skilled in delivering outdoor adventure to people with physical, learning and sensory disabilities.


Adventure Investigators (AI) is a programme where young investigators will follow a series of clues through a range of challenging environments to foil a conspiracy and save the world’s water supply. In a unique collision between technology and the outdoors, this programme encourages ICT skills as well as canoeing, climbing, caving, bushcraft and navigation skills.

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