see things from a new angle with BAC

Find your Giant Adventure in the heart of Belfast and beyond.


Are you ready for the wilderness? Learn new skills for survival in the outdoors from building shelters, starting a campfire with natural materials and no matches, to cooking a meal outdoors. You can even carve your own cooking utensils! .


BAC work with groups of all ages and abilities. Whether it is for a longer term programme, a team building session, a tourist visit, or a day out with family and friends, BAC can cater for all of your outdoor adventure needs. We pride ourselves on pouring passion into every session and ensuring that people from all walks of life have the opportunity to reap the benefits of achieving something new in the outdoors.

Personal Development

At BAC, we are deeply passionate about the personal and social development of young people and everyone who visits our outdoor centre. We build in active learning to every session and ensure that whilst having fun, you also have an opportunity to work on building confidence, communication skills and overcoming barriers.


BAC has extensive experience in supporting people with a disability to undertake Bushcraft sessions in various locations across Northern Ireland. The facilities at BAC are wheelchair accessible and all equipment is provided at BAC to ensure that people with a disability enjoy the same equality of access to the outdoors as their peers.


We have been delivering Bushcraft sessions at various locations across Northern Ireland for the past 30 years. All of our team are highly experienced in Bushcraft skills and working with children and young people. Our equipment undergoes stringent checks and upgrades and our team work to the strictest of operating procedures.


Minimum of 8 years old.


It is no problem to take photos at BAC, so long as everyone in your group is happy to be in a photo. We would ask that if you are posting to social media that you tag us. If you don’t have a camera, you can request that a member of our team take a photo and send it to you following the session. This will be at the instructor’s discretion.

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