At BAC, we deeply value all of our volunteers.

To provide a significant catalyst for youth development and leadership training within communities

The charity has benefitted enormously from the time, passion and dedication that each of our volunteers have given throughout the past 30 years.

To ensure that our volunteers benefit from their time at BAC, we are committed to providing opportunities that offer engaging, rewarding and fun experiences. Opportunities that allow for learning new skills and making new and lasting friendships.

To continue the valuable work that BAC do, we are currently recruiting for the following volunteer roles and opportunities.

Recruiting Warden – Ardaluin Regeneration Trust & Belfast Activity Centre

Recruiting for a full time Warden at Ardaluin Regeneration Trust Newcastle, Co.Down

Operations Manager

Recruiting for a full time operations manager

Recruiting Senior Instructor

Recruiting for a full time, qualified Senior Instructor


Recruiting for full time, qualified Instructors.

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