Duke of Edinburgh's Award / Presidents Award (Gaisce) 

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This page is aimed at schools
For individual Entrants please go to the Open Award Page  

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (or Gaisce – The President’s Award),  is a volunteer led initiative supported by BAC for over 30 years. It's a fantastic opportunity for young people between 14 and 24 years old  to experience the outdoors, gain new skills, volunteer in the community and make lifelong friends. It's also a great way of demonstrating commitment and resilience to future employers and universities. 

Weekly Training 

BAC can provide training that can be tailored to your schedule. We can deliver expert

training for all parts of the award, including the Expedition. The training can be spread over several weeks or delivered in a more condensed residential setting if preferred.

Expedition Support 

BAC can manage and run your

expeditions. We would help plan the

routes and make sure that the correct 

rules and guidelines are followed for

your expedition to fully qualify for the Award. BAC have 30 year of experience, running expeditions across the UK and internationally in Canada and the Alps

Provided Kit

BAC will provide any kit that your

pupils do not have

access to! This includes stoves, tents, waterproofs, boots and rucksacks.  The training ensures that all of the young people are able to use the equipment safely and effectively. 

For schools that don't have the capacity and qualified staff to deliver the expedition elements of the award, BAC can manage and resource  this crucial section. This includes provision of the necessary training in navigation, safety, cooking and camping, and facilitation of the practice and final expeditions and assessment. Costs for Bronze, Silver and Gold level awards can be provided on request, depending on numbers of pupils and location. 

For detailed information about what's involved at each of the levels, timescales and requirements can be viewed at http://www.dofe.org/

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