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BAC Vouchers 

Give the Gift of Adventure

Treat your family or friends with the gift of an outdoor adventure for as little as £22.50pp?


BAC vouchers offer something exciting and different to look forward to in 2021 and a great way to reconnect with each other whilst embracing new experiences together.

Vouchers are available for half or full day adventure experiences. The perfect gift at any time of the year for your family or friends’ to make their 2021 a memorable year.

Half Day (6-10 people) - £180.


Full Day (6-10 people) - £340


Double your experiences together at no extra cost with two different experiences within a half day or up to four different adventure activities during a full day with ‘BAC’ to the Outdoors.

Adventure Options include:



A chance for all those with an inner Robin Hood/Lara Croft to learn how to wield a bow like a warrior! Learn all the basic skills of stance, aiming, how to hold the bow and release the arrow. It's a great sport to learn for people of all abilities!



An opportunity for adrenaline seekers to scale the routes on our 10-metre wooden tower then abseil from the top! Learn how to conquer fears and develop the skills to climb like a Ninja!


Mountain Biking

For anyone with a need for speed, our instructors will deliver a mountain biking session suitable for any level, exploring the trails at Barnett’s Demesne. Not only will this be a chance to hone skills and technique but also to qualify with a nationally accredited Go-Mountain Biking Certificate. 



A chance for all aspiring detectives to put their skills to use, get out in the fresh air and explore Barnett's Demesne whilst racing against the clock to follow the clues and complete an orienteering or for the more ‘techie minded’ a geo-caching challenge.



The perfect opportunity to explore the River Lagan and soak up natures best from the tranquility of an open Canadian canoe whilst pumping those arm muscles and learning new techniques and skills on the water for an accredited Go Paddling certificate. 



For all ‘Bear-Thrills’ fans, a perfect opportunity to learn new skills for survival in the outdoors from building shelters, starting a campfire with natural materials (no matches required), to cooking your own meal outdoors.  An authentic outdoor survival experience that includes learning to carve your own eating utensils from natural wood!


To give a gift that your friends and loved ones that will be truly remembered long into 2021, buy your Gift Voucher today.


Full Day Vouchers


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