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The John Muir Award is an environmental award that encourages people of all backgrounds to conneect, enjoy and care for wild places through a structured yet adaptable scheme. The Award is not competitive, but should challenge each participant. Taking part will develop an understanding of, and responsbility for, a chosen wild place or places. For some, this will offer an opportunity to explore values and spirituality.


The John Muir Award was launched in 1997 by the John Muir Trust to:

  • Promote educational, social and personal development through exploration of wild places and involvement in conservation
  • Encourage an environmental agenda within youth organisations
  • Ensure that social circumstances don't exlude people from opportunities to experience wild places


John Muir Award Criteria

Four Challenges are at the heart of each John Muir Award. Participants should show enthusiasm and commitment, and have an awareness about John Muir. To achieve an Award, each participant must:


-Discover a wild place

- Explore it's wildness

- Conserve and take personal responsibility

- Share experiences


There are 3 levels of the award, encouraging a progressive involvement. The same four challenges above are repeated for each level with increased involvement in time, activity and ownership.


Discovery Award (Introductory Level)

Minimum 4 days (or equivalent), based on a group size of 8-10 participants. £175 per person.

Programme dates can be organised on demand to support Key Stage 3 Learning for Life and Work and Employment. Future (non-bespoke Key Stage 3) programme dates suitable for 14 to 18 year olds, including diversionary initiatives.


Explorer Award (intermediate level)

Minimum 8 days (or equivalent), based on a group size of 8-10 participants. £350 per person.


Conserver Award (advanced level)

Minimum 20 days (or equivalent) over 6 months, based on a minimum group size of 6 participants. £1200 per person. Participants must have completed the Explorer Award (intermediate level) prior to involvement.

For further information regarding the John Muir Award, or to express interest for BAC to deliver an award programme, please contact BAC. Tel. 02890600132 or email: officeadmin@belfastactivitycentre.com






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