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Adventure Investigators is a unique programme of adventure investigation, designed to support cross-curricular, thematic learning. 

Over 6 activity sessions, pupils will carry out weekly investigations which will place them in a different challenging environment where teamwork, communication, comprehension skills, risk assessment, use of ICT, analysing and presenting evidence and creativity will be essential. It promotes positive attitudes to learning and increases self confidence and self esteem. 

As they progress through the programme the children increase their depth of knowledge of science, nature and the world around them. They learn about the natural environment, wildlife life, the principles of 'Leave No Trace' and key NI organisations that protect the environment. It encourages them to care, not just for the wild, but also themselves and their local communities.

All of the activities can link back to classroom-based learning activities. Some of the activities that pupils will be involved in include canoeing, climbing, cabing and navigation, as well as bush craft and understanding the natural world. These practical elements, combined with quizzes and research that touch on DNA, the human body, our water supply and our local wildlife and habitats, will make for an excellent World Around Us topic for Key Stage 2 classes. Session Information.


Duration: 6 sessions, each lasting three hours over a term. Alternatively, these can be compressed in to a shorter period.


To find out more information of how this programme can be tailored to fit your school's priorities and particular needs of your children, please contact us at info@belfastactivitycentre.com, or call us on 02890600132. One of our AI team will be happy to meet with you and your staff to talk through the programme in detail.


"I learned to work in a team in all of the challenges and face my fears in an exciting and safe place."

- Rebecca - P7 pupil, Wheatfield Primary School.


"It's an inspirational project that will definitely be very popular with P7 and Key Stage 3 children. The mix of investigations, physical activities, challenging tasks and outdoor learning all cumulate to create a first class World Around Us topic. The pupils felt supported in all activities, and even when a task wasn't achieved, they didn't feel like a failure. They knew there would be another opportunity to try and suceed. BAC should be proud of what they have achieved in creating this unique programme."

- Roisin Lennon - P7 Teacher, St Patrick's Primary School.




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