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Aimed at: Primary Schools. KS2 children.       

Focus: Personal Development and resilience.

The BEARS programme is designed to help Build Emotional and Active Resilience in Schools. Six sessions of adventure driven learning support the personal and social development of Key Stage 2 children.

“A scientist returns from a remote base in a distant, steaming jungle. She is infected with a virulent and deadly disease that threatens the entire human population. To save the world, the children will be traversing treacherous swamps and volcanic lava flows, climbing the sheer precipitous cliffs of tepui mountains and skirting around bacteria riddled lakes deep within the bowels of the Earth. Along the way they discover clues that will help them synthesise the antidote and save humanity!”

Each session encourages personal development and mutual understanding at what can be a key transitional stage for the children. Through each challenge, they build confidence and tackle any fears about the upcoming changes within their schooling and personal lives. These key skills are developed through participating in a range of activities such as caving, climbing, paddling and low ropes courses, woven together though an intriguing adventure narrative.

Key learning outcomes from this 6 week programme include:

  • Seeing learning as fun
  • Recognising, understanding and facing fears
  • Managing feelings and emotions
  • Experiencing success through adventure learning
  • Changing how to think
  • Working as a team
  • Problem solving and self-reliance
  • Understanding different ways to communicate/awareness ofnon-verbal communication
  • Mood management
  • Maintaining motivation
  • Developing personal coping techniques
  • Aiming higher


Over the last three years, BEARS has already transformed children’s lives in schools including;

  • Wheatfield Primary School
  • St Patrick's Primary School
  • Inchmarlo Preparatory School
  • Lowwood Primary School
  • Seaview Primary School
  • Cedar Lodge School
  • Ballysillan Primary School
  • Forth River Primary School


For more information about how your children can build confidence and resilience in your school contact BAC on 028 9060 0132.


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