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Adventure Learning Programmes

Adventure Learning Programmes

Let BAC create bespoke outdoor adventure learning activity programmes to meet the individual personal development needs for your children and young people. BAC offers a broad range of outdoor activites that can be incorporated into short or longer term personal learning or group education programmes.


By using the vehicle of outdoor activities BAC provides an experiential learning opportunity and approach that helps young people to better engage, understand and learn through active participation.

For all activities BAC can guarantee a safe, fun and memorable experience for everyone

To assist with our programme planning and to assist and help leaders achieve their group development objectives, BAC has developed models of good practice for delivering the following session objectives:

1.   Communicating

2.   Managing Feelings

3.   Problem Solving

4.   Working Together

5.   Planning

6.   Reviewing

7.   Understanding Social Values

8.   Understanding & Identifying With Others

To read an expanded explaination for each of our session objectives please follow the attached link:

download the session objectives here

download frequently asked questions here

'The experience was everything that we could ask for and this was whitnessed in the laughter and smiles. Can we thank the instructors for an amazing experience helping us as an organisation meet the needs of the families. Heartfelt thanks.' Susan Paterson - Action for Children

BAC Activity Session Times


9.30am to 12.30am or 10.00am to 1.00pm


1.30pm to 4.30pm or 2.00pm to 5.00pm


6.00pm to 9.00pm or 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Finishing times for scheduled sessions cannot be extended due to late arrival. It is the responsibility of all groups to arrive on time for their pre booked activity.

1. Private and corporate group bookings

2. Registered Charities, Youth, Community and School Groups

(3 hour session)

Prices are based upon group size and the ratio of instructors to the activity chosen and are available upon request.

Payment on credit account terms by prior agreement with BAC.

Non refundable deposit required with booking £60 per group.


To check availability, to enquire about or to amend your booking or for additional information please contact:

Phone: 02890 600132

Email: officeadmin@belfastactivitycentre.com

Adventuremark AHOEC Gold StandardLearning Outside of the Classroom Institute for Outdoor Learning


Please see below for further information on existing programmes at BAC.

  • BAC AccessAbility Programmes

    BAC AccessAbility programmes provide an equality of access opportunity for young people to outdoor adventure learning activities. BAC believes that physical and learning disabilities should not be perceived as barriers to participation through a broad range of outdoor experiential learning activities.

  • The BEARS Programme

    The BEARS programme (Building Emotional and Active Resilience in Schools). An after schools club focused on the personal and social development of young people at a transitional stage of their lives.

  • YouthBuild

    The BAC Youth Build Initiative has evolved over the past 6 years and provides a significant catalyst for youth development and leadership training and development within communities. Initially rolled out across the Greater Shankill, Youth Build now operates across 5 neighbourhood renewal areas within North Belfast. Youth Build is focused upon addressing the Department for Social development (DSD) Strategic Themes of Community Renewal and Social Renewal as key to the ongoing implementation of Neighbourhood Renewal.

  • BAC Open Award Centre

    Registration for the Open Award is currently open.

    The Duke of Edinburgh's Open Award is a volunteer led initiative supported by BAC for over 20 years. The Open Award programme offers open access to young people who do not have, or may find difficulty accessing the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Programme through other providers. The BAC Open Award offers programmes for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and includes additional BAC equipment and staff support for expeditions locally and internationally.

  • Fairbridge Programme

    Fairbridge is an individually tailored personal development programme for marginalised and excluded young people who face a range of issues and barriers in their lives. It combines one-to-one support and group activities, delivered by a dedicated team from the Belfast Prince's Trust Centre in partnership with BAC.

  • Ardaluin House, Newcastle, Co. Down

    An Historical Perspective.
    Ardaluin Regeneration Trust evolved from a heritage of supporting the needs of young people from North Belfast. Initially (1970 to 1996) under the variable stewardships of Ballygomartin Boys Secondary School and Cairnmartin Community High School, young people from the school catchments regularly accessed Ardaluin House for a range of residential and extra curricular adventure learning programmes. During the 1970ís Ardaluin House provided an important opportunity to provide an out of Belfast respite from the conflict between the communities within North Belfast.

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