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Belfast Adventure Learning Park

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Big lotteryThe Belfast Adventure Learning Park is comprised of 200 meters of man-made cave, extensive climbing surfaces and a range of "high-up" and "low down" challenges, from a ropes course to a vertical assault course.

All this, right in the heart of Belfast!

High Ropes


The Belfast Adventure Learning Park, funded by Big Lottery, is based in the heart of Barnett's Stable Yard. The combination of activities, stand alone team games and initiative tasks ensure that groups of all ages and abilities are motivated, stimulated and challenged physically and mentally. More about the Belfast ALP activities…

Climbing/Bouldering: Whether you are hoping to reach new heights or scramble about on man-made rock, the ALP climbing complex is suitable for all ages and abilities.  

Caving: Experience caving in the largest realistic caving system in the world.  The ALP cave has three large caverns, two rivers, a waterfall and over 200 meters of passageways. This fun, safe and totally unique activity is sure to keep everyone captivated.

High Ropes: Climb to new heights on the high ropes course.

  • High All Aboard: Work together to get you and your team to balance on a small platform 10 meters above the ground!
  • Crate Stack Challenge: Climb as high as you can on a stack of crates, building as you go!
  • The Leap of faith: Get your adrenalin pumping as you climb to the top of the pamper pole and leap for the trapeze swing!
  • High Ropes Traverse Course: Journey along the various elements 30 feet up, clipping yourself in and out and you move along!
  • Jacobs’s ladder: You and 3 friends can try to scale the ladder with ever increasing gaps between the beams – challenge yourselves to do it without laughing!
  • Vertical Challenge- Climb, scramble, pull and push to get yourself to the top of this multi-activity, vertical course and take a moment at the top to enjoy the views!

CaveChoose which activities you would like to have included in your group session and our staff team eill ensure that your chosen activity will meet the aims and learning outcomes for your group.

Sessions are scheduled for 3 hours (including briefing and kitting out) and the minimum group size is 6

All safety and protective equipment for the activities will be provided by BAC.

All BAC staff have extensive experience designing and delivering adventure learning programmes to meet the needs and outcomes for groups of all ages.





Belfast ALP offers bespoke educational programmes, designed to complement the N.I. Revised Curriculum at K.S. 3. which can be offered to schools.

Programmes currently being developed will support teachers and students in Art & Design, Geography, Technology & Design, Physical Education and Science and can be offered as one day 'field trip' or a more comprehensive programme of study extending up to 12 weeks in duration.

For more information on these individually designed programmes, please contact info@belfastactivitycentre.com




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