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Group PhotoBAC has evolved since 1989 to become a leader in providing personal and social development programmes to over 20,000 young people each year.

Through outdoor adventure activities BAC delivers educational programmes for experiential learning and activity skills development to achieve its vision for “Changing Lives, Building Futures”

BAC offers dynamic and innovative outdoor learning programmes to challenge, stimulate and motivate young people from a broad range of backgrounds to help identify and realise their full potentials.

BAC core projects engage young people considered at most disadvantage, socially and economically and include longer-term programmes to support disability access and participation, work with young people from disadvantaged communities and projects focused upon supporting marginalised groups and young people.

BAC's VISION is that every young person will have an equality of opportunity to realise their full potential.

BAC's MISSION is to deliver the best personal and social development opportunities for individual young people. This will be delivered alongside leadership training to support sustainable outdoor adventure learning within communities.

BAC's VALUES The following values underpin the work of BAC and should be reflected through each programme, service and every opportunity offered to clients and centre users.

Personal Development - Activities and opporunities offered by BAC should promote and encourage personal growth and learning at each stage.

Quality and Excellence - Activities, programmes and services should be offered at the highest level, with staff and volunteers receiving appropriate training and development to ensure they are constantly working at this level.

Equality and Inclusion - Activities, programmes and services should be accessible to all, regardless of ability, community or social background, race, gender or sexual orientation. BAC strives to offer access to those who may not have opportunities or resources as readily as others.

Safety - BAC takes safety as its primary concern when designing, planning and organising activities and programmes. Safety should never be compromised by the experience, but instead should be an integral part of the learning.

Innovation and Development - BAC should consistently focus on innovative and developmental concepts which will increase the capacity of the organisation and offers users new, unique and individual opportunities and experiences.

Accountability and Transparency - BAC should be accountable to its stakeholders at all times, and should make decisions by means of honest, open and transparent communication.

Partnership and Collaboration - BAC should work with organisations and bodies to ensure that needs are being met, resources are being utilised, best choices are made for individuals and work is not being duplicated.


Hollywood Family Trust - Liam McCusker "Excellent communication before. Staff were great at engaging young people. Really enjoyed it all."

National Trust - Sonja Orderley "Excellent day Alex and Jordan really made the effort to bring the learning back to the day job. Definately exceeded expectations. Thank You."

NI Youth Forum - John Wallace "Staff were very good at getting the group working together and talking. Excellent day. Thanks.


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